Beauty is Blind

When I was younger, one of the only things I wanted to do was to be able to wear make-up. Of course, I went through the awkward make up stages most girls go through: too much eyeliner, tinted moisturiser in the wrong shade, and of course, an exceptional amount of lip gloss. However, I like to think that as I got to the older side of my teenage years I began to do make-up properly and learnt to blend eye shadow, draw perfect cat-eyes and match my foundation to my face.

Then I lost my eye sight.

I lost all my confidence with doing make up, and didn’t even go near my make-up bag for weeks. Of all the things that losing my sight made me miss, it was being able to get up in the morning for college, and put on a bit of mascara like everyone else. One day, I was trawling through YouTube, and in my recommended videos there was a video called ‘Blind Girl Does Her Own Make-Up’ by a channel called YesterdaysWishes. Intrigued, I clicked on the video to find a girl around my age called Lucy who lost her sight several years ago to a medical condition. The most important thing to me about discovering Lucy was that she’s so normal. She has her ups and downs, yet still manages to pick herself up everyday- and put on her make-up. I sat and watched Lucy’s videos for hours and hours that day.

Finally, I started to take notes of Lucy’s tips. If she was blind, and yet still managed to do this, then so could I. After over a month of wearing no make up, I finally started with some powder. Eventually I progressed, and a month ago, I wore my first cat eye in the 8 months after I lost my sight.

Top Tips for Visually Impaired Make-Up:

  1. Get to know your face.                                                                                                                            As weird as it sounds, truly knowing your face makes life a hell of a lot easier when you can’t actually see where exactly your make-up is going. It also makes sense to know your tools really well. The biggest problem I have is changing my mascara, as the wands are always different- and this makes it incredibly easy to stab yourself in the eye, repeatedly.
  2. Practice makes permanent.                                                                                                                  Practicing and getting it spectacularly wrong over and over again will mean that this becomes your second nature. Don’t be afraid to ask if you look daft, and don’t be too proud to accept that sometimes you will. However, in time, you’ll learn the techniques that work for you.
  3. Be Confident.                                                                                                                                             The worst mistake that you can make is being too clumsy, or holding back because you’re worried about getting something wrong. Long, confident strokes will be your best friend to avoid getting little steps and smudges.
  4. Don’t be afraid.                                                                                                                                         If you want to wear a smokey, dark eye, or a bold, berry lip- do it! Eyes are easier as you can blend and make a mistake look fine, but lips are a little more difficult. Lip liner will be your best friend, that and a make-up wipe being handy for the little wobbles.

I’m still yet to figure out false eyelashes, but I’ll get there one day. When I was struggling with picking up the make-up brushes again, everyone told me that I didn’t need make-up to be beautiful. The thing is, I knew (and still know) that. However, when getting up every morning and putting on make-up every morning is your norm, and it makes you feel good about yourself, then why should you stop? Too many people are quick to jump on young girls for wearing make-up, but the truth is, who is it hurting? I’m happy and comfortable in my own skin, sure, but wearing make-up makes me happy, and I’m not about to stop doing what makes me happy.

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